Lodging time is from 9am to 9 am next day, it is suggested you bring your pet between 9 am to 13h.

Departures are between 8:30 am and 9 am

Pension / lodging fees

Dog $25 per day

2 Small dogs $45 per day

(Small dogs sharing same space)

  • All dogs are lodged inside ceramic covered spaces.
  • All are fed as instructed by owner.
  • Play periods inside playroom.
  • Depending of weather, outings are done 4-5 times a day.
  • Air conditioned spaces during summer time, so you dog is kept comfy.

What to bring for a stay ?

1. Up to date Vaccination booklet

2. Flea treatment to make sure other pets don't get anything

3. Blanket, toys, cew toys or bone (for dogs)

4. Food : usual daily food you give your pet, we have a refrigerator to keep foods.

5. Medication : if needed with schedule, additional 10$ for the duration of the stay.

6. Collar : your pet must wear a collar.

You want to make a reservation ?

See all informations at the Reservation section !

Save !

Add a grooming to your dog's or cat's lodging and save $10 !

You just have to present yourself with the following discount rebate on your next visit at Puppy Frissons.